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Prepared for the Real World

The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes the need for personal fitness trainers will rise
by 2016.
NASM’s Certified Personal Trainer certification is the most respected credential in the industry, certifying the most health and fitness professionals in the world.

We do meaningful work.

Ascend Learning is a world-leading education technology company serving healthcare and other high-growth career industries. We produce unique content, software and great student results. Through our rigorously researched assessments, continuous analytical benchmarking and broad and unique range of learning tools, we provide customized education for everyone. We assist universities, colleges and businesses in educating students—from the beginning of undergraduate studies and throughout their professional careers.

With our help, students learn better and faster.

We’re not just about getting people educated, we’re about preparing people for the real world—our students are the everyday people who help you every day.  Our family of leading technology based education businesses includes: ATI Nursing Education, Advanced Informatics, Jones & Bartlett Learning, ATI Allied Health, NHA, NASM, ClickSafety and ExamFX.

Prepared for the Real World

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Our Latest Innovation

 Nurse's Touch is an exclusive online nurse-development product line designed to help students sharpen the social and personal skills they'll need to face the emotional and physical demands that come with being a nurse.

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