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We’re making the world better, one student at a time.

By the time you read this, an R.N. just started her new career as an E.R. Nurse, a bank just hired a Security Specialist to keep their online banking secure and a Certified Pharmacy Technician just got a promotion. We helped make those things possible. 

Every time a student uses our technology-based education products, wonderful things happen. Things like careers, opportunities, improved education and lower education costs. We do this by providing educators with what they need to teach each student. 

ATI Nursing Education has increased nursing student pass rates in many colleges and universities to 100%.

Everyone learns differently. 

We offer the technology to teach each individual by providing the information they need, the way they need it, in order to succeed. With us, more students pass their certification exams leading into their careers. Our tools include analytically-proven assessments, multi-media remedial content and video based real-life simulations. They’re offered in many formats such as streaming online, interactive online content and printed materials.

Right now, thanks to OSHA 10 training, a construction worker just made a decision that saved his and his co-workers’ lives. Yes—we helped.