Ascend Learning

Prepared for the Real World


We hire great people. We inspire them. Then we get out of the way.

The Ascend Culture

Responsible people thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom.

Trust. It’s the foundation of our company culture. We hire exceptional people, set high expectations, and invest in and reward our teams. We believe that how people get work done is just as important as what they get done.

This works out well for our employees and, more importantly, for our customers.

Five important aspects that make our culture great:

  1. We are passionate about what we do.
    Seventy-five percent of our business is related to healthcare and education, arguably two of the biggest issues facing our country today. Serious business.
  2. We place high value on our values.
    • We are Passionate about our customers and our company
    • We are Selfless – on “One Team.”
    • We are Courageous to innovate and quick to decide and act.
    • We are Great Listeners – eager for feedback, better ideas and diverse perspectives
    • We Embrace change – anticipate it, champion it and grow from it.
    • We are Accountable – owning results and how they’re accomplished.
  3. We expect high performance, and we pay for it.
    All employees are eligible for generous, job-specific incentive compensation.
  4. We hold our leaders to a higher standard.
    In addition to living up to our seven values, we reward leaders and coaches, not activity managers.
  5. We trust our employees, provide freedom and expect responsibility.
    That’s why we don’t have a formal time-off policy, office hours or a dress code.

If you read this and think it sounds like you, we’d like to hear from you. Contact us.