Ascend Learning

Prepared for the Real World

Ascend Approach

Test. Teach. Test. Repeat.

Through assessment and remediation we have the ability to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, we teach them what they don’t know in a way that they will understand, be it online, through individualized coaching, video instruction or in the classroom.

Our platform & technology advantage consists of:

We have 60 years 
of combined experience in the fields of teaching, research and assessment development.

  • Rich online content that includes interactive assessments, multi-media content and customized learning paths.
  • Teams of PhD’s specializing in psychometrics and research who foster and continuously improve rigorous assessments used to determine student outcomes.
  • Quality benchmarking through analytics and reporting so educators can provide ongoing improvement feedback to students.
  • Blended learning options. Educators have the ability to tailor the teaching methods to fit the individual student’s needs. From online tutorials to printed materials to personal coaching.

Our students. Our future. Our future students.

Currently the Ascend Learning focus is primarily on higher education schools in the healthcare and wellness industries. We’re proud of our partnerships with the best educators and top colleges, universities and businesses around the country.

In the near future we’re looking forward to expanding our reach by offering products and services directly to employers.