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10 things you didn’t know about CDX Learning Systems

March 8, 2018

CDX Learning Systems, part Ascend, is a leading provider of online curriculum, assessment, and reporting for automotive, truck and bus technician training.

Help wanted! Half of all current automotive and diesel technicians will be eligible to retire by 2024. Increasingly, students and parents realize that earning a degree in a skilled trade offers faster job placement and lower student debt. But how do automotive instructors, former technicians themselves, overcome the challenges of teaching today’s generation of digital-native students to be successful at work?

  1. CDX Learning Systems offers online courseware and textbooks for teaching automotive and diesel technology. By organizing materials to clearly address the core competencies students must learn, CDX makes it easier for instructors to organize their teaching and for students to build skills that work.
    In 1994, CDX Global was founded in Brisbane, Australia, offering automotive training video libraries. After expanding rapidly for the next fifteen years, the company was acquired by Jones & Bartlett Learning in 2009.
  2. At the beginning, the videos were organized into “toolbox” sets of CD-ROMs. The discs were navigated via an onscreen menu with a design resembling the letter “X.” Hence, the name “CDX.”
  3. In 2011, its Australian-made instructional videos were offered in American English. ‘Spanners’ were finally referred to as “wrenches,” “tyres” were localized to “tires,” and Americans learned about “trunks” rather than “boots.”
  4. CDX’s first textbook, Fundamentals of Automotive Technology, was intended to contain 600 pages, but had over 2,000 by the time it was published. The second edition, published in February 2017, is the first on the market to align to 2017 industry standards.
  5. Over 80 percent of schools in the U.S. teaching diesel technology switched to adopting the Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Systems and Diesel Engines(2015) curriculum within its first year of publication.
  6. CDX Learning Systems serves training programs around the world, as it is utilized on six continents and in 50 different countries.
  7. Most of the CDX team works from home offices that range from Australia to Canada to nine different U.S. states. The Road Warriors (aka the sales team) spends months out of the year visiting campuses, demoing products, making presentations and attending conferences.
  8. The team includes four ASE Master Technicians, one of the highest levels of credentials automotive technicians can earn. They ensure CDX’s materials and content meet the needs of students who will soon begin successful careers in a demanding industry.
  9. CDX continues to aggressively expand its product lines by publishing seven new titles this year. In 2018, CDX Learning Systems will begin to offer HVACR courseware, taking the business’s first steps in expanding to offer curriculum across the skilled trades.

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