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A Day in the Life of a multimedia training coordinator

March 8, 2018

What does a day in your work life look like? With almost a dozen Ascend offices and about 1,000 employees (250 of those working remotely) it can be hard to visualize exactly what everyone does each day, and how all efforts come together to impact our mission of changing lives.

The Day in the Life series showcases employees’ work at Ascend and sheds light on how personal trainers, remote employees, sales team members, nurse educators and more change the lives of our customers every day.

Each employee we feature was given ample freedom with the project. We told them to shoot five or six short video snippets describing what they do on an average workday. What we’ll see is an honest look into their daily work life.

First up, we had Melissa Hamilton, a senior certification specialist with NHA who works remotely from Wisconsin.

Next, we have MedHub’s Eric Zerwas, a multimedia training coordinator.