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Employee Spotlight: Mike Aldini

August 22, 2019

Ascend employees are the heart and soul of our company, and every employee changes lives with their hard work. We hope you enjoy getting to know one of our employees in this profile.

You know you have a good sales person if they can get creative. Like selling snowboards in the desert! Now that he’s moved on from his stint at a local winter sports shop in Arizona, Mike Aldini lives in Denver, Colorado and is selling pre-licensing material at ExamFX for both insurance and securities. He works to maintain current clients’ needs through constant communication and travel.

His favorite part of his job are the relationships he has built with both clients and the team of sales reps in Leawood, Kansas. When he’s not assisting customers, you can find Mike snowboarding, camping, fly fishing, hiking, mountain biking, working on cars, spending time outside or hanging with his black lab Pitbull mix named Pancake (“Cakes” for short).

 Q: What’s your favorite Ascend value and why?

Selfless. I played baseball growing up and team is something that means a lot to me. When you have selfless team members it makes for an incredibly strong unit. If everyone is willing to help you can create something great.

 Q: What’s something you’ve done that most people haven’t done?

I got on a real bull at the local rodeo. By far the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. 

 Q: What is one career lesson you’ve learned?

You can’t let things you have no control over affect your mood. Stay focused on your goals and constantly be working to achieve them.