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Employee Spotlight: Brian Nido

October 18, 2019

As the director of client experience for Ascend business unit Kognito, Brian Nido leads the post-sales strategy and success of clients within Kognito’s diverse markets of K12, higher education and clinical health. He oversees the team responsible for all post-sale implementation, engagement and customer support activities of the simulations. In addition, Brian provides thought leadership through understanding, anticipating and identifying the business needs of all the 300+ partners and clients it works alongside.

When he’s not consulting with clients and leading teams to change lives, you can find Brian singing karaoke, exploring New York or re-energizing himself by napping!

Q. What is one word that you would use to describe your work team, and why did you choose that word?

A. One word, how about two: “Success Drivers.” I’ve seen my team lead client successes from: training 100% of Princeton University’s freshmen to planning a full district-wide adoption for all Miami-Dade Public School educators by the end of this school year. We also have an awesome support team that has been praised by many end users for their quick and considerate responses. They are the ones driving all of the great success stories coming from Kognito and for them I am grateful!

Q. What is one thing that people are surprised to find out about you?

A. That I have a tattoo. My grandmother passed away a few years back and my brother, cousins and I all got matching tattoos in her honor with her favorite saying to us: “Always be good.” Before she passed, we had her write it out and the tattoo is in her handwriting.

Q. What’s the best thing about the city you live in?

A. I can’t just name one thing about New York City (fahgettaboudit!) so I’m going to name two: the food and the entertainment. For food, you have the best bagels, pizza, and cookies in the world! Check out Levain Bakery in the Upper West Side — cookies the size of your fist that doesn’t disappoint! And then there’s the entertainment where I take full advantage of for things like comedy shows, musicals, plays — there’s something out there for everyone.