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5-7-5 Haikus from Home

April 28, 2020

Creativity abounds at Ascend! We recently challenged employees to submit haiku poems to share how they feel about working from home, and a panel of judges selected three winning poems. With almost 50 thoughtful, inspiring and humorous submissions, below is a selection of poems for all to enjoy.  


a capella notes
bark, cry, school zoom, laughs and sighs
work’s new symphony 


Let’s shelter in place
Ah, we’re in it together
Pray, count your blessings 


Sipping warm coffee
Sun shining through my window
countless days start 


Bath time for toddler.
So I can send one e-mail.
New normal is hard. 


Storm rages outside
Tornado of children in
Hover over mute 


Tapping of keyboard
Plays counterpoint to kids songs
Blessed be headphones 


I can’t find my phone
Ring, RING, where the RING is it
Found under the cat 


Believe me today
Tomorrow will be better
Have faith in people 


What even are jeans?
The freedom is so breezy.
I will miss PJs. 


dogs snoring softly.
so many books read! I try
to savor small joys. 


I don’t know what’s next
Hindsight is Twenty/Twenty
Wish this year was too 


A private office
Calls by video, fun pants
Am I Tiger King? 


Plans for the weekend
thousand piece puzzle waits
I need a stiff drink! 


Challenge accepted
Changing lives every day still
Together we win 


birds on my window,
national guard on my block,
sushi on my mind … 


Miss my Finance peeps
Friday Zoom I cannot wait
Online Happy Hour! 


I apologize 
for anything odd, my cat
is on the keyboard 


Hygiene rules have changed
Washed my hands five-hundred times
Laundry? Meh…next week 


My name is Becky
And I love working from home
Anyone agree? 


If you can’t go out
Open the windows and doors
Let the outside in 


We’re in the midst of some true creative writers and are always creating ways for team members to connect virtually during this time. Think about what haiku describes your life right now, and stay safe!